Risk analysis

When dealing with contracts let on a cost reimbursable basis, we know that identifying defined and disallowable cost is only the first part of the story.
Working with your project team, we can provide checks to enhance your reporting procedures and put in place monitoring tools to provide assurances on the final target cost.

Too often construction disputes form too late for mitigation measures or solutions to be implemented. Our teams of specialists are able to undertake a high-level analysis of your project. We will look at a selection of a key criteria at key junctures to measure project performance and, if necessary, recommend and help you implement corrective measures to help put your project back on track.

Our substantial experience in projects around the world allows us to anticipate, prepare for and quantify the risks associated with all stages of the construction process. We are able to help clients understand those risks with the potential to disrupt or delay and provide strategic advice on the retention, avoidance, mitigation or transfer of these with comprehensive assessments of the cost implications.

At a company level, we can investigate and advise upon potential synergies or duplication of resources by applying our project snapshots across a portfolio of capital expenditure. This can lead to procurement benefits, resource efficiency, supply-chain improvements and cash-flow strategies that will benefit your firm. 

Project Snapshots

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It is essential that when considering an acquisition, an analysis of risk and value ‘behind the accounts’ is undertaken to provide a true picture.
In the early stages of an M&A deal, CapEx Forensics is able to assist with high-level analysis and company valuations. During transaction execution, CapEx Forensics is able to assess and probe company accounts to understand the true value of a company’s assets.

Construction Investigatory Services

Cost Verification

CapEx Forensics

We are able to provide capex due diligence to assist both purchasers and sellers as well as technical support.
Our advice ranges from a full review of capital expenditure included within a planned merger or acquisition to individual project reviews to provide confidence and assurances on cost and value.

M&A CapEx Assessment

Due Diligence

Construction dispute, advisory and investigatory services

Expenditure REviews