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Construction Dispute Services

Our experience of resolving disputes enables us to advise on the best methods and techniques of avoiding them. We can: 

  • Provide advice on contract mechanisms and the allocation of risks. 
  • Assist with ensuring the correct procedures are followed, including preparing your site team, setting up efficient management structures and ensuring regular lines of communication. 
  • Ensure accurate contemporaneous records are kept and project documentation is up-to-date so that a claim can be supported if necessary.
  • Help parties engage and facilitating negotiations to help settle disputes quickly before they escalate.

We know that pursuing or defending a claim can be a drawn-out and expensive process. Therefore, we recognise the importance of having a thorough understanding of your position before you proceed.
Working alongside your team. we can help provide a detailed financial overview of your case and, if you decide to continue, help present your dispute in a clear manner that will identify the key matters and the principle sums involved to help achieve settlement. However, should your dispute proceed formally, we have professionals that can assist you and help guide you through the process.


CapEx Forensics can provide you with advice on alternative methods of dispute resolution ['ADR'] and have experience in:

• Adjudication
• Arbitration
• Mediation
• Negotiation
• Expert determination

We can apply our knowledge of ADR to help you resolve your dispute in a cost effective and practical manner. Specifically, our aim is to help you:

  • Achieve settlement where possible.
  • Remove peripheral matters and get to the key issues quickly.
  • Achieve early resolution.
  • Achieve a cost effective outcome.
  • Preserve relationships.
  • Control costs.
  • Provide a practical approach.

Should your project require a formal hearing, we can provide expert reports and testimony on construction matters.

Our professionals have successfully assisted many different clients on complicated technical issues through the litigation process and our senior professionals have been formally appointed as expert witnesses on a number of occasions.

‘Our reputation is our most important asset and we will not compromise this for quick commercial reward.’
Our approach is to achieve successful resolution of a dispute without recourse to formal dispute measures wherever possible.

Expert Witness


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