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Construction dispute, advisory and investigatory services

CapEx Forensics specialises in the investigation and analysis of construction projects.

We are able to provide capital and revenue expenditure due diligence, cost verification, project snapshots, expenditure reviews and risk analysis.

Construction Dispute, Advisory and Investigatory Services

Our professionals can provide cost certainty throughout your project’s life-cycle by applying our unique blend of experience and knowledge of the construction industry.

CapEx Forensics

CapEx Forensics provides an unique blend of highly experienced experts who specialise in construction dispute, advisory and investigatory services. We can help you make informed and valuable decisions around your capital investments and revenue expenditure.
The combined knowledge and expertise of our professionals can provide clear and practical solutions to the challenging construction issues that face your business and allow you to focus on what you do best.

‘CapEx’ (or Capital Expenditure) is an accounting term used by a company when it acquires or upgrades physical assets such as equipment, property or industrial buildings.

‘Forensics’ is the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law.

We know that pursuing or defending a claim can be a drawn-out and expensive process.

Working alongside your team. we can help provide a detailed financial overview of your case and, if you decide to continue, help present your dispute in a clear manner that will identify the key matters and the principle sums involved to help achieve settlement.